Unlocking the Outlaw: A New Weapon in Valorant!

Unlocking the Outlaw: A New Weapon in Valorant!

Good morning, fellow fans of Valorant! A brand-new weapon that will be added to the game is going to be called the Outlaw sniper rifle, and someone is about to share some exciting information with you about it soon. It is very important that this event takes place because it will be the first time since the year 2020 that we will be able to acquire a new weapon in Valorant. The details are going to be discussed today, and we are going to find out what this Outlaw that has been leaked brings to the world of Valorant.

Outlaw Sneak Peek: Leaks and Surprise!

Picture this – back in October 2023, the Outlaw made a surprise appearance during a skin reveal. It wasn’t intentional, just a sneak peek on the buy menu, but it got everyone talking in the Valorant community. Priced at 2,400 points, the Outlaw sits right in the middle, not as pricey as the 4,700-point Operator but fancier than the 950-point Marshal. This mid-tier sniper could mix things up in Valorant’s weapon world.

Outlaw’s Arrival: Episode 8 Launch on January 10

Shoutout to the Valorant detective, ValorLeaks! They spilled the beans that the Outlaw is making its grand entrance with Episode 8, hitting the scene on January 10. Now, the Outlaw isn’t your ordinary sniper; it’s got some cool moves. Imagine firing two shots before needing a reload, and with just one bullet, you can take down a half-armored opponent. Stats alert: 238 headshot damage, 140 to the body, and 119 to the legs. It’s not as heavy-hitting as the Operator, but think of it like a pumped-up Marshal. Oh, and using the Outlaw means you’ll be cruising at 80% running speed and taking 1.25 seconds to equip it. Given Valorant’s rep as a tricky FPS game, mastering the Outlaw might come with some challenges.

Outlaw’s Vital Stats: Quick Rundown

  • Headshot Damage: 238
  • Body Damage: 140
  • Leg Damage: 119
  • Magazine: 2 bullets (10 in reserve)
  • Equip Time: 1.25 seconds
  • Running Speed: 80%
  • Firerate: 2.75
  • Cost: 2,400 credits

New Meta, New Agent? SmokeDancer in the Mix

Now, with the Outlaw stealing the spotlight, Valorant fans are hoping for a double whammy – a new agent to spice things up in Episode 8. Our last hero, Iso, joined the crew in Episode 7 Act 3 back in October. Now, there’s a whisper about an agent called “SmokeDancer” found in the COIN33 game files. This Controller agent might bring some smoky surprises to shake up Valorant’s top team strategies.

What’s Next? Ready Up for Outlaw Action!

As we count down to the Episode 8 launch, all eyes are on the Outlaw. Whether you’re excited to wield a two-shot sniper or dreaming of a new agent with a smoky flair, Valorant is gearing up for some serious excitement. Get those credits stacked, polish your skills, and let’s give a warm welcome to the Outlaw in the battlefield!